Essentiae Spirits are the result of research into traditional recipes and handed-down formulas. Quality and love for authenticity are the principles behind the creation of each product.


Essentiae Lunae

Our world is its own entity, our rhythms are the opposite of the modern world; we work slowly and with patience. Every process is carefully calculated and observed, to achieve the high quality that distinguishes our liqueurs. Passion, care and attention are our watch words.

Ancient recipes from Ligurian and Mediterranean traditions, seasonal fruits, spices and raw materials from local crops, experience and passion. These are the ingredients of our liqueurs. No addition of dyes, chemical essences and preservatives. No invasive intervention of man and technology, all processing steps are done manually. Our idea is to create a product that is true, and for this reason unique, a product that can communicate beyond taste

Spirits & Ancestral Wines

From our Land…

Each liqueur is made in small quantities only from seasonal ingredients, used in the period of their maintenance


Heart of Essentiae

Each stage of processing is done manually, with local products from organic crops


Che monti

Che monti

CHE MONTI Americante & Complesso - Essentiae Mirtilli - Ypocras - Lime - Bitter - Pompelmo Rosa
Mira il mare

Mira il mare

MIRA IL MARE Fresco & Mediterraneo - Essentiae Erba Cedrina- Cinque Terre gin- Miele- Basilico- Lime- Blu